Hainan Island China

Hainan china province

Hainan Island - Beautiful tropical island in the south China sea.White sandy beaches, pristine clear waters and lush tropical rainforests (tigers live in the hainan island rainforests) are what make Hainan Island a true paradise and perfect holiday destination. Hainan Island is China second largest island and offers a whole range of activities for you to participate in including wildlife reserves filled with exotic animals and birds or you may prefer a gentle stroll along the miles of unspoiled beaches, but, whatever you do it will be an experience to remember.

Hainan Island is situated on the south coast of china and is on the same latitude as Hawaii, perfect for a winter vacation with an average temperature of 16ºc to 24ºc during January and February. There are numerous places of interest to visit, ancient buildings and ancient cultural remains are just some of the features of Hainan Island China and more information about them can be found on this web site.

You will have not have travel far to find a beautiful palm lined beach to enjoy the warm weather and waters of the South China Sea where it is ideal for swimming, and there are some fantastic locations for scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and parasailing at several holiday locations around Hainan island. Other activities such as golf (there are currently 12 high quality golf courses to choose from), geothermal hot springs with water temperatures of 45ºc to 90ºc at various locations throughout Hainan island, amazing shopping spots ranging from small market stools to large department stores and many fantastic nightlife venues to choose from including restaurants, discos and karaoke lounges.

The capital of Hainan island is the city of Haikou found to the north and is one of the most popular places on the island for holiday makers, as is the town of Sanya. Sanya is renowned for its tropically scenic beaches two of the most well-liked being Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai the ideal surroundings for enjoyment and relaxation. Truly China at its best - Hainan Island.